TVD Lately

Ok, I’m sorry TVD fandom but I’m SO tired of the whole Delena/Stelena back and forth!! Come on writers can she just pick one of them and stick with them PLEASE!! Lately everything seems to be about who Elena is gonna choose so much that I feel like the other characters are getting lost in the shuffle! Like what the heck is going on with Jeremy and the new witch girl (I don’t even know her name)? What is going on between Bonnie and Jeremy? Is it just me or is Caroline totally crushing on Stefan? WTH?! I’m just saying can we please get away from this story line and MOVE ON!?


Three things I love? my kids, my friends, and my family
Four turns offs? mean, bad attitude, beaters, and cheaters
Sexual orientation? Straight
How tall are u? 5’1
Do I have a crush? celebrity ones (J-Hutch, TL, and Jensen Ackles)
Favorite place? my happy place is inside a book
Do u use sarcasm? all the time
First thing u notice in new person? attitude
Eye color? black
Favorite style of clothing? jeans and tank top
Favorite movie? HP Series, Twilight Saga, and THG Series (so far)
Favorite band? Paramore, Evanesance, Lorde, Adele, Taylor Swift, and many more.
Someone I love? my man, Paul
My relationship with my parents? shaky
Tattoos and Piercings? 3 tattoos and used to have 1 piercing
The reason u joined Tumblr? don’t remember
Get “good morning” or “good night ” texts? nope, I get good morning and goodnight kisses <3
When did u last hold hands? about an hour ago
Have u shaved your legs in the past three days? nope
If u were drunk, who would take care of u? my man or my best friend
Do u live with ur Mom and Dad? nope
Do u have someone of the opposite sex u can tell everything to? yes
When was the last time u hugged someone? tonight
Is there anyone u trust even though u should not? probably
If u could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? J-Law or Ellen Behind the camera or in front of it? behind - I love taking pics

Do u believe in magic? of course!!

What’s the weather like right now? It’s raining
Do u like the smell of gasoline? It’s okay, I’ve smelled worse
What was the worst injury u’ve ever had? broken heart
Can u touch ur nose with a tongue? nope
Favorite animal? dolphins and kittens
What do u think is Satan’s last name? Smith (lol)
How can someone win ur heart? by being there for me when I need them
What is ur favorite word? love
If the whole world were listening to u, what would u say? life’s too short be kind to one another
Bought condoms? several times
Failed a class? unfortunatly
Kissed a girl? yes
Had job? yes
Bullied someone on the internet? nope
Played on a sports team? yes
Drank alcohol? yea
Been overweight? yes
Been to a wedding? a couple
Watched TV for 5 hours straight? probably I never timed myself
Gotten my heart broken? yes
Broken a bone? nope
Been to prom? yes
Fly by helicopter? nope - never!
Had a crush on someone of the same sex? yea - Felicia Day <3 lol
Wore make up? sometimes
Had oral sex? yes
Voted in a presidential election? yes
Had a surgery? yes, c-section and tubes tied
Stalked someone on a social network? nope
Been fishing? when I was little
Been rejected by a crush? yes
What do u want for birthday? another tattoo

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